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Opto-Isolated BLDC Driver Module

Introduction to AT10

AT10 combines the precision and performance of our FPGA based Snō module with 10 channels of optically-isolated digital I/O to resulting in a compact controller capable of reliably driving IGBTs in high-power brushless DC motor systems and providing the following key benefits:


Noise Immunity


High-Voltage Compatibility

The control logic hardware is configurable which makes AT10 easily customizable for unique motor control applications.

Benefits of Optical Isolation

Noise Immunity

Opto-isolators prevent voltage spikes and other electrical noise common to high-voltage systems from reachin control electronics.

High-Voltage Compatibility

Opto-isolators provide electrical compatibility between control electronics and high-voltage motor subsystems.

AT10 Features


3-Phase BLDC Motor Control Logic

  • 62.5ns resolution
  • Open collector outputs
  • Inputs tuned for 5V logic; customizable for other voltages

10 channels Optically-Isolated Digital I/O

  • Optical isolation up to 3750Vrms
  • 6 IGBT or MOSFET driver outputs
  • 3 Hall Effect sensor inputs 
  • 1 motor control inputs

Customizable Motor Control

  • Control hardware driven by Intel MAX 10 FPGA
  • Reconfigurable for application-specific use cases
  • Simple GUI software programming interface

Example Application

The block diagram below illustrates a simple example of how AT10 can be used for controlling a high-voltage BLDC motor.

Learn More

AT10 can be customized to fit your specific system requirements.  This includes the physical footprint of the module as well as any custom motor control algorithms needed for your application. 

For more information, follow the button below, email or contact Jason at 715-575-3150.

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