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Alorium Technology provides FPGA-accelerated embedded products used in motor & motion control, scientific instrumentation, aerospace, and the Industrial IoT.


Electronics Product Development
FPGA-based Embedded Solutions
Engineering Services
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What We Offer

Boards and Platforms

Hinj | FPGA Development Board

Product Development

Fusion | Customized FPGA Solutions

Build Your Products with Ease

Alorium FPGA Boards

Pick the platform that fits your needs 

Easy FPGA Programming

Program your FPGA board in the Arduino IDE

Custom FPGA Help

Utilize our team for help and custom board solutions 

Accelerated and Accessible

We take the complexity out of FPGAs


Programmable with Arduino

Rapidly develop your software code and even upload custom FPGA functionality using the free and flexible Arduino IDE.



Our boards were made to be easy to work with. No FPGA experience is necessary. 


FPGA Performance

Boost the speed and performance of your project through the FPGA powered acceleration and offload.


Flexible and Adaptable

A growing library of FPGA Xcelerator Blocks and IP partnerships create flexibility for highly dynamic environments and ecosystems.



The OpenXLR8 and OpenEvo methodologies give you a path for easily integrating your custom hardware functionality onto the FPGA.


Collaborative Development

Our Fusion PD (Product Development) offering allows us to work together to bring your new product to market quickly and successfully.

Development Platforms


32-bit SAMD51 Microcontroller
Intel MAX 10 FPGA
Embeddable SOM

XLR8 Family of 8-bit AVR Compatible FPGA Boards and Modules