About Us

Helping Customers Integrate FPGAs

Alorium Technology helps design teams successfully implement FPGA-based solutions for use in motor & motion control, scientific instrumentation, military/aerospace, and the Industrial IoT.

We understand that FPGAs can seem complex and somewhat daunting for engineering teams traditionally focused on firmware development with common microcontroller architectures.

To make FPGAs more user friendly, we have created FPGA-based modules and boards that provide an easy on-ramp to using them in your products.

Our embedded solutions fuse FPGA performance with an integrated microcontroller resulting in the unique advantage of an FPGA-based platform that maintains full compatibility with the very popular and widely used Arduino ecosystem.

With our Fusion Platform Solutions offering, we can help you create products optimized for your specific application with customized FPGA functionality, system design features, and customized form factor.

The team at Alorium Technology has decades of experience in the areas of FPGA, ASIC, and system design for supercomputing/HPC, high-end networking, and a number of other commercial and industrial applications.

Our engineering team understands the complexities of reconfigurable hardware as well as the architectural and implementation challenges of creating a balanced, efficient full system solutions.