FPGA Sensor Hub and Development Kit

FPGA Performance

Boost IoT sensor data processing and enhance industrial motion control solutions with dedicated FPGA Xcelerator Blocks. 

Integrated Connectivity

Integrated Ethernet and WiFi modules with built-in driver support provide quick and easy connectivity to cloud servers and IoT frameworks.

Programmable with Arduino

Rapidly develop your solution using the free and flexible Arduino IDE. 


FPGA Prototyping Made Easy


Hinj is programmable with Arduino and compatible with the Arduino ecosystem of shields and accessories. This makes designing your FPGA-based solution easier than ever.

Technical Specifications

Hinj | IoT Sensor Hub and Development Board

Kit Includes

  • Hinj
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter

See Hinj Product Brief Here

Intel MAX 10 FPGA (50K LE)


Embedded 8-bit Microcontroller

  • AVR compatible
  • Selectable 16/32 MHz
  • Program FLASH: 32 KB
  • Data Memory SRAM: 2KB

Integrated Hardware Acceleration

  • Pre-installed Xcelerator Blocks
  • Customizable FPGA fabric

On-Board Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connectivity

Modular Standard Interface Compatibility

  • Arduino
  • Digilent Pmod™️
  • Digi XBee™️

Standalone 36-pin GPIO Interface

6 Analog Inputs



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