Enhanced Analog-to-Digital Converter XB

Turn it up to 12!

The Enhanced Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) XB improves sampling performance and conversion results over the standard Arduino ADC.  With the ADC XB, you can sustain a 12-bit output resolution and can achieve a sample rate of 154k samples/second! This means XLR8 or Snō could be a great solution for interesting audio applications or other projects where finer ADC resolution is required. The excellent performance of the ADC integrated in the FPGA on our boards provides the hardware foundation for these additional ADC features.  As a result, the supporting logic and functionality to take advantage of the ADC is native to the base design and part of all Alorium Technology boards in the XLR8 family. Required Alorium Technology library:  XLR8ADC


  • 12-bit output resolution vs. 10-bit for standard Arduino
  • Higher sample rate of 254k samples/second
Supported XLR8 Images:
  • 16MHz Standard: Float, Servo, NeoPixel
  • 32MHz Standard: Float, Servo, NeoPixel
  • 16MHz Robotics: Servo, Quad
  • 32MHz Robotics: Servo, Quad
ADC XB | Analog-to-Digital Converter Xcelerator Block