Xcelerator Blocks

What’s an Xcelerator Block? 

An Xcelerator Block (XB) is an optimized hardware implementation of a given function or algorithm that resides on the programmable portion of FPGA fabric. XBs communicate with the FPGA-based AVR microcontroller through the addressable register interface.

Our boards ship with pre-installed XBs that help with well known challenges that developers can often encounter when using microcontrollers in their designs.  The specific mix of XBs may differ from board to board, but the installed XBs will likely be one of the following:

  • Quadrature
  • Floating Point Math
  • Servo Control
  • NeoPixel Control
  • Enhanced Analog-to-Digital Converter

All of our FPGA boards and modules can be field-updated to change the XBs implemented on the FPGA. Learn more about FPGA images available for our products here.

In addition, users can create their own custom Xcelerator Blocks using our OpenXLR8 flow.

Xcelerator Blocks Diagram

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