Floating Point XB

Floating Point Math

Floating point arithmetic is a known challenge for 8-bit microcontroller-based Arduino and Arduino-compatible solutions.  The execution of intense mathematical computation can cause significant performance problems with small microcontrollers.  This often leads designers to cut corners and reduce precision to achieve performance needs. The Floating Point XB provides hardware based floating point math implemented in the FPGA fabric. This results in a dramatic reduction of needed clock cycles for operations and increases code performance and precision.   Functions and operations can be accessed from your sketch by installing our library and using our floating point arithmetic functions. Required Alorium Technology library:  XLR8Float Supported XLR8 Images:
  • 16MHz Standard: Float, Servo, NeoPixel
  • 32MHz Standard: Float, Servo, NeoPixel


  • Supports the following basic operations:
    • Add
    • Subtract
    • Multiply
    • Divide
  • Add, Subtract and Multiply complete in 6 clock cycles
  • Divide completes in 17 clock cycles
  • Operations are on 32 bit numbers