NeoPixel Control XB

We all love blinky lights!

NeoPixels are a great way to make your projects DAZZLE with bright, multi-colored LEDs. NeoPixel is the brand name given by Adafruit to their line of WS2811-based integrated RGB LEDs.  Adafruit has created a very handy Arduino library for their NeoPixel products that includes tuned assembly code to achieve proper timing of updating the NeoPixel chains.

The NeoPixel Control XB provides three key improvements for controlling NeoPixel shields, strips, and arrays:

  1. Data memory is not used for pixel storage.
  2. Interrupts are not disabled while updating the pixel array.
  3. Changing pixel brightness does not corrupt color data.

These improvements open the door to new and enhanced ways of implementing NeoPixels in your projects. In addition, the XLR8 board can drive arrays as large as 1280 pixels!



  • Supports up to 12 simultaneous NeoPixel strings
  • 24 bit color data
Admittedly, this is a niche XB!  However, in the early months of talking about XLR8 at Maker Faire events and other conferences, we heard multiple requests to “make those cool NeoPixels easier to update”. So, it became one of our early XB offerings.

Required Alorium Technology library:  XLR8NeoPixel

Supported XLR8 Images:

  • 16MHz Standard: Float, Servo, NeoPixel
  • 32MHz Standard: Float, Servo, NeoPixel