Pulse Width Modulation XB


The PWM XB creates Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) signals at frequncies from approximately 3.9KHz up to as high as 16MHz, and duty cycles from 0% to 100%.

The PWM XB provides an excellent option for quickly and easily creating hardware based PWM controller blocks that can be used with a variety of PWM controlled peripherals and accessories.

Note on controlling servos: 

This PWM XB is implements a configurable, generic PWM.  If you are looking for a PWM to use specifically for controlling servos, please check out our Servo XB which has been designed specifically for servo control applications.


  • Output frequencies from ~3.9Khz to 16MHz
  • Duty cycles from 0%-100%
  • Inputs are floating-point values that represent:
    • Period (1/frequency)
    • Pulse width with a resolution of 1/16 microsecond

    • Supports up to 32 channels of PWM outputs, each with independent duty cycle control and a common frequency

    Required Alorium Technology library:  XLR8PWM