Arduino Compatible FPGA Boards

The benefits of FPGA hardware in the free and easy-to-use Arduino development ecosystem.

Benefits of Arduino Compatibility


Approachable hardware


Easy-to-use development software


Access to the vast Arduino-compatible ecosystem

Arduino Compatible | Alorium Technology
XLR8 | Arduino Compatible FPGA Board

XLR8 FPGA Development Board

Alorium Technology’s first Arduino-Compatible FPGA development board.

FPGAs and Arduino

Arduino changed the face of electronics development with the introduction of their approachable hardware platforms and simplified development software.

Now, numerous companies supply boards, accessories and libraries that make it easy to create solutions for robotics, home automation, the IoT, and many other applications.

Our FPGA-based boards are designed to integrate into and enhance the rich ecosystem of Arduino-compatible solutions while maintaining the easy-to-use experience users have learned to expect and enjoy.

It starts with the simplicity of plugging in and uploading your program.

From there, the sky’s the limit as you take advantage of pre-installed FPGA hardware features or develop your own to improve the speed and performance of your project!

Getting Started is Easy


Arduino Compatible FPGA Boards | Alorium Technology

Pick the platform that fits your needs. 


Arduino Compatible | Alorium Technology

Program your FPGA board in the Arduino IDE


Improved Performance | Arduino Compatible with FPGA Performance

Enjoy FPGA performance with Arduino simplicity. 

It’s all right there in one chip!

We have integrated an 8-bit AVR instruction and register set compatible microcontroller into the FPGA that powers our boards.  

This allows for direct integration between the microcontroller and FPGA hardware blocks providing much faster communication and resource sharing.  

Check out the video to learn more!

Xcelerator Blocks Improve Speed and Performance

What’s an Xcelerator Block?

An Xcelerator Block (XB) is a hardware implementation of a specific function that resides on the programmable portion of FPGA fabric.

XBs communicate with the microcontroller through the register interface and data bus.

Xcelerator Blocks Diagram | XB Diagram

Enhanced Analog-to-Digital Converter

Floating Point Math

NeoPixel Control

Servo Control



Available XBs

Our boards ship with pre-installed XBs and can be field-updated to change the XBs implemented on the FPGA.

Learn more about FPGA images available for your XLR8, Snō or Hinj board here.

In addition, users can create their own custom Xcelerator Blocks using our OpenXLR8 flow.

Create Custom XBs through OpenXLR8

OpenXLR8 | Arduino Compatible FPGA Development

OpenXLR8 is the methodology that allows users to create their own custom Xcelerator Blocks and integrate them into the FPGA. This process leverages the FREE version of Intel’s Quartus Prime Lite FPGA development tools and the Arduino IDE for image upload to the FPGA.

Detailed support documentation and online video assistance is available to walk you through the procdure, and many of our customers are benefitting from using this flow to create their own customized FPGA-based solutions.

Featured Testimonial


One of the goals of the drone project that I am sponsoring at the University of Idaho is to reduce power. Most drone control systems utilize several microprocessors which draw power.  I wanted to have the control system implemented in a single FPGA with an embedded uProcessor. The Alorium products were exactly what I wanted and allow me to customize my FPGA design. More importantly, I can do it with simple, easy to use tools.

Peter Baran
Owner, Design Magnitude Idaho